Participate as a co-owner in the best companies of the world

Shares represent a percentage of a company. Investors participate directly in companies by acquiring shares. If companies generate profits, these are distributed proportionately to the investors (shareholders) in the form of dividends. Through the distribution of dividends, investors receive an additional income in addition to the increase in value of the company.

How is the price of a share determined?

The price of listed shares results from supply and demand. This represents the current market valuation of a company, the so-called market capitalisation.

Shares are often perceived more as short-term speculative objects with high risks than as investments in companies. It is true that company values – in the form of shares – are subject to fluctuations and possible losses. Corporate investments such as shares are therefore to be classified as a higher-risk investment product than savings deposits.

The investor reduces the risk of investments in shares by spreading the investment over a number of companies.