Social responsibility

Social responsibility is integral to Partner Bank’s corporate culture. Partner Bank is committed to helping its customers, employees and financial advisors develop their full economic potential.

Partner Bank is owned by the Foundation for Social and Economic Development. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote social and economic development. To this end, the Foundation has also established Two Wings (, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the education of young people in developing countries.

For over 25 years, Partner Bank, together with many financial service providers and customers, has supported carefully chosen development projects in collaboration with the Two Wings Network.

Partnership with Two Wings Network.

A strong partnership has linked Partner Bank to the humanitarian organisation Two Wings Network since 1996. For Two Wings, releasing human potential is the basis for sustainable development. The philosophy behind Two Wings involves shaping the future through education. This idea is a common thread running through all projects that Two Wings supports worldwide. After all, our help can only be of lasting benefit if the people whom we try and support do not have to depend on our support for evermore, but rather see our support as an opportunity to change and improve their situation for themselves. In this process, education is the key to success.

Partner Bank’s customers can – if they so wish – support Two Wings by donating to carefully selected projects. “Shaping the future through education – every dividend counts” is our common motto. Two Wings mainly supports education-oriented development projects in the southern hemisphere – as these have been shown to be the most effective development strategy. Through this contribution from the “North” to the “South”, together we are helping to bring about sustainable improvements in the living conditions of people in the poorest parts of the world. To learn more, visit

Releasing human potential is the basis for sustainable development.