What is asset management?

When an investor opts for an asset management product from Partner Bank, such as a share basket, fund basket, etc., he or she decides on a particular investment strategy which corresponds to his or her goals, needs and risk appetite.

Partner Bank buys and sells securities within the parameters of this investment strategy in order to achieve the customer’s investment objectives as well as possible. Partner Bank receives instructions to make, change or maintain investments and to hold cash positions, performing all necessary purchases and sales of domestic and foreign securities, including foreign exchange, on the customer’s behalf.

Partner Bank does not issue securities, nor is it a fund manager for the selected investment funds or umbrella funds. This means that the securities experts at Partner Bank can be totally objective when selecting promising securities. Customers should be aware that the risks inherent to investing in securities cannot be eliminated through asset management. In particular, these include price, inflation and foreign exchange risks, and issuer/credit risks.