Protect your wealth with gold in the bank.

A broad spread of assets over a range of investments has proved the best strategy for building wealth. As a prudential bank, Partner Bank is convinced that cash and assets such as savings deposits, high-quality bonds and a wide spread of blue-chip stocks, property and gold should form the core of any portfolio.

At Partner Bank you can purchase the highest quality gold bars in 999.9 (24 carat) fine gold with “Good Delivery” quality guarantee. Since the price of gold fluctuates, Partner Bank also offers customers the opportunity to build up a gold holding by regularly buying small quantities of gold over a long period. Such a gold purchase scheme provides a simple and convenient way of acquiring physical gold, potentially allowing you to benefit from the cost-average effect: when prices fall you buy more gold, and when prices rise you buy less. Partner Bank’s FINE GOLD service is transparent and flexible. For a clear description of the safekeeping arrangements, please refer to the customer online service.

  • Physical gold – a tangible asset for uncertain times
  • Gold is kept in 100% physical form in our vault in Austria
  • The highest quality gold: 999.9 fine gold, 24 carat
  • Available at short notice through sale or delivery
  • Option to purchase gold on a regular basis

Please note that the price risk and exchange rate risk can lead to substantial loss of the capital invested. This brief description is not a basis for investment decisions or contracts and is not a substitute for personal investment advice. Please note the important legal information.