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Austria unites tradition and modernity. So does Partner Bank.

Founded in 1992, the Partner Bank is an Austrian bank that specialises in advising and assisting people with their financial planning, asset management and wealth-building in partnership with financial advisors. Partner Bank is a specialist in bonds, shares, funds and physical gold, and offers financial advisors and their customers access to the securities market. It cooperates with professional financial advisors in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia to offer customers the best-possible service.


"Partner Bank supports financial advisors, giving them the tools they need to help people with their financial planning and wealth-building."


A strong partner for building wealth and financial security


Partner Bank's core competence is in providing a comprehensive service for financial advisors and their customers in the areas of financial planning, wealth-building and IT solutions for analysing and managing investments.

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Diversification, quality and transparency


Diversification, in other words, spreading your assets over a wide range of investments, has proved the best strategy for building wealth.

Partner Bank's "core-satellite" investment strategy allows customers to keep the core of their nest-egg in the form of cash, savings deposits and material assets, supplementing this basic provision with high-quality bonds, broadly diversified blue-chip stocks, elite funds, property and physical gold. These "satellite" investments also allow investors to participate in global megatrends and industries and markets of the future.

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